Habit Change

Build your team’s inner ‘Michelangelo’

Have you ever had a mentor, friend, or boss motivate you to set goals or challenge yourself in ways you hadn’t considered possible? Has a colleague expressed admiration for a skill they believed you mastered, while you felt you were still maturing?

The ‘Michelangelo Effect’ is a socio-behavioural phenomenon observed in close interpersonal relationships. The effect deals with the ways in which relationships influence and help shape behaviour and desired outcomes. Much like the famous Italian sculptor (Michelangelo) was able to envision the potential in a slab of marble, when a manager or mentor sees potential in us and works to harness that potential through things such as ‘stretch goals’ or project opportunities they are helping you realize your inner ‘Michelangelo’.

The result? Highly skilled and motivated teams that are driven to perform more proficiently and are more engaged overall.

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Cultivate your Conflict Competency

Do you dread the idea of conflict? Does the need to provide ‘feedback’ promote anxiety?

We’ve all struggled with the right and wrong ways to provide constructive feedback or advocate for an alternative point of view or even deal with an interpersonal style difference.

Healthy teams and their leaders lean into the difficult conversations but do so by providing very clear rules of engagement and creating a safe space to explore differing opinions, with a clear end-state goal in mind. Clearly defining the why, how and what we hope to accomplish. The ability to effectively navigate and manage conflict is an imperative skill

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Nudge yourself towards lasting behavioural change. What do we mean? One word. Kaizen. Kaizen, is a Japanese word meaning ‘continual improvement.’ Kaizen philosophy suggests that great and lasting change is achieved not through radical shifts in your behaviour but rather by taking small, consistent and repeatable steps. It is through tiny deviations in your existing

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