Everyone says ‘we’re different’, but how do you know we mean it?

Why ShiftRight?

Agility, Authenticity, & Accountability, these core principles guide every interaction we have with our clients. From our initial meeting through to the end of our engagement, you’ll notice the difference.
Our approach involves stepping into your shoes and truly understanding your business. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ methodology – in truth we know it doesn’t work.
Drawing on your organizational expertise, coupled with our change management skills we work to develop strategies that truly resonate.
Success demands agility. We cultivate a spirit that allows us to respond to market and client requirements meaningfully and with flexibility. We believe true partnership is a two-way street, one that requires us to be nimble to your varying business objectives and timelines. It is this agility and open-mindedness that sets us apart from the rest.
We stand up for what we believe in: mutual respect, humility, transparency, and shared trust. We celebrate the diversity and nuance that make each individual on our team and each client we service unique. This perspective enables us to build dynamic teams that produce solutions tailored to your specific market and business environments.
At the heart of accountability is a promise of reliability, responsibility and personal integrity. From the outset of our engagement we work with you to define the parameters for success. These parameters become the performance metrics we use to assess our collective progress. Our commitment to you is a shared personal accountability toward the achievement of your organization’s goals!
How do we know it’s working
We measure our collective success by ensuring we drive the following: