What got you here may not get you where you need to go

As we all work towards adapting, defining and embracing the ‘new normal’, we need to remember, ‘what got you where you are may not get you where you need to go’.  But how do we know when it’s time to ‘shift’ our mindset, processes or norms.  Here are some tell-tale signs:

Analysis Paralysis – Perfectionism breeds inaction.  We are operating in times of constant ambiguity, this require cultivating a spirit of action that recognizes ‘good enough is enough’.

Bureaucracy before belief – when we overemphasize the need to adhere to non-essential forms of bureaucracy in decision-making, innovation or leadership, we inadvertently snuff out curiosity.  Innovation is stifled by apathy and leads to the belief that ‘this will never work’ or ‘it can’t happen here’.

Legacy trumps change – if we don’t test our assumptions or challenge the viability of our existing business models, we fall into the trap of complacency.  

At ShiftRight, we have gone through a rigorous process of challenging our own mindsets in response to our current climate.   How did we do it?

We started by testing our existing operating norms, perceptions and internal culture.  We took an objective look at our operations and asked ourselves these questions:

  • Do we truly embrace change? 
  • Are we excited at the prospect of designing new solutions to address the current market conditions?
  • Are we leveraging the strengths of our team? 
  • Is there anything in our existing operating norms and processes that impedes productivity, innovation or curiosity?
  • Are we open to doing things differently?
  • What can we be doing differently and more effectively?
  • Do we listen and respond to the insights and feedback of our customers, clients and employees?

Feel free to reach out (info@shiftright.ca) for a complimentary ‘mindmap’, to help you guide your business and teams through rethinking your norms!

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