Leading executives share, ‘What I have learned during the pandemic’

We recently deployed a survey to executives across the energy, oil & gas and retail sector asking a simple question, ‘What advice would you give yourself as you navigate during this challenging time?’  here are their key take-aways:

  • Always be Day 1.  A day 1 organization, is akin to a start-up, it is nimble, hungry and moves quickly. 
  • Be the expert.  If you truly believe you can help the customer, be the expert.  Demonstrate your ability to problem-solve, encourage curiosity and ask great questions.
  • Challenge the status quo.   New working norms don’t just stop at remote work, we must rethink how we view our peers, suppliers and competitors.  Be willing to employ a ‘test and learn’ mindset, rethink the definition of ‘competitors’ to ‘joint allies’ when possible.
  • Your past may not look like your future.  Recognize your past success is not a guarantee of future profitability.  Rethink your operating norms, if it no longer works it may be time to change it.
  • Lead with transparency.   Embrace the ‘humanity’ of this experience and lean into what connects us authentically.
  • Collaborate to innovate.  Collaboration does not necessarily impede competition in most instances it ramps up innovation.

We found these insights were truly valuable and very reflective of the challenges we have all been contending with as leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.  We thank all these leaders for sharing their candid takeaways!

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